Vinyl Carpet

We have carpet in 12 feet of width,

Vinyl Tiles

Our vinyl tile come in about seven different Styles and colors.

Vinyl tile is favoured over other kinds of flooring materials in high-traffic areas because of its low cost, durability, and ease of maintenance. Vinyl tiles have high resilience to abrasion and impact damage and can be repeatedly refinished with chemical strippers and mechanical buffing equipment. When properly installed, tiles can be easily removed and replaced when damaged.

Ceiling and Wall Panels

Looking for something to finish your interior walls and ceilings? These panels are built to last!!! They are made with pvc so you don't need to worry about termites eating them, or they getting moldy as they are waterproof, perfect for your bathroom. They are easy to install and don't need paint, giving them a smooth surface and easy to clean, they have small airpockets that help insulate the room. We have them in different styles and easy to match your desired color, they come in 19.5ft lengths and 9.75" width.

The wall panel are more durable than the Ceiling panel.

Ceiling Panel

Wall Panels

Our Commitment

With many years of experience in the national market, we at Midwest Steel are dedicated to provide our clients with only the highest quality products, which we market throughout the entire country of Belize. As leaders in the ever-growing retail industry, we offer a wide variety of steel, hardware, and agro-chemical products. We continually strive to meet the demand of our country by constantly improving services, applying new technology and expanding infrastructure.In response to this commitment, Midwest Steel has achieved customer preference and successful entry into the market, where competition is overcome by offering the highest level in quality and service.