Pioneer Seed

Stand out in your yield, Choose Pioneer corn seeds. We are the only Pioneer authorized reseller in the entire Country of Belize. We are the top Corn Sellers in the country. Come and see all the type of corn seed we provide. we sell Yellow and White corn seeds, and also Sorghum seeds. we have 30F35 and P4226 which have been the top corn seed to sustain in the weather and atmosphere that Belize provides. our white corn seed to sustain the climate that Belize offers is the P4082W Pioneer corn seed.

Matsuda Grass Seed

We are the only Matsuda Resellers in the country of Belize, we sell grass Seeds and minerals. The most sold grass seeds in the country of Belize are Mombasa, Brizantha,Humidicola,Decumbens and many more seeds. Aries Is the Grass that is well knows for the best nutrition of Sheep. Come in and ask about all our seeds. We sell the best quality of grass seeds in the country. Make your pasture stand out among the Rest with Matsuda Pasture grass seeds and minerals


At Midwest Steel & Agro Supplies we sell Fertilizer for your crops, we have different types of fertilizer and urea. the top fertilizer sellers here in Belize are 14-36-12and46-00.


We have a number of Chemicals to control pests and herbs, we have sulban 48 EC,chlorofluba 5 EC, Glyphosate 35.4 SL, Lubaquat 20 SL, Accent 75 WG,Nikosam, Newfol and many many more.

Our Commitment

With many years of experience in the national market, we at Midwest Steel are dedicated to provide our clients with only the highest quality products, which we market throughout the entire country of Belize. As leaders in the ever-growing retail industry, we offer a wide variety of steel, hardware, and agro-chemical products. We continually strive to meet the demand of our country by constantly improving services, applying new technology and expanding infrastructure. In response to this commitment, Midwest Steel has achieved customer preference and successful entry into the market, where competition is overcome by offering the highest level in quality and service.